Holistic Therapy

‘Holistic’ comes from the Greek word holos, meaning ‘whole’, and underpins Gemma’s 360 degree wellbeing approach. Addressing more than just the symptom, Gemma also explores and treats the underlying causes to restore the body’s natural balance, giving you a more sustained and rewarding quality of life.

Holistic therapy has been effectively used for centuries and thankfully the scientific community today is now recognizing the importance holistic therapy plays in maintaining good health and overall wellbeing. Individuals wanting to improve their self care and find more balance and harmony within themselves are using holistic therapy increasingly. Studies show that ‘taking time out’ for holistic therapy treatment can help individuals to manage stress, aid in relaxation and improve longevity.

Holistic therapy is also effective in addressing countless other physical and psychological concerns, from muscular aches and pains to hormonal imbalances, anxiety and insomnia. As well as being deeply relaxing and providing relief from everyday stresses, holistic therapies can also be a treat for individuals who enjoy pampering themselves.

Holistic therapy is completely natural, non-invasive, and suitable for all ages. Treatments gently but effectively work to restore and maintain the body’s natural balance, encouraging the body’s own self-healing without the side effects of medication (although it can be used alongside orthodox medicines).

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