Gemma Clare’s holistic approach to health, skin and wellbeing has attracted media interest and she regularly contributes on these topics. See a selection of articles, recordings and facial reviews below.

Latest Articles

Balance - The Natural Beauty Clinic With Gemma Clare

BALANCE teamed up with holistic skincare expert Gemma Clare to answer all your questions on natural beauty from reducing oiliness to tightening pores.

Evening Standard - Should You Use Essential Oils On Your Face?

Kate and Meghan both swear by a face elixir made with them, but should we be using essential oils on our faces?

Neom Organics - What's the deal with actives?

Essentially the ‘doing’ part of a product. Actives work to stimulate the skin and change the structure of the cells.

Telegraph - The real reason aromatherapy is on the rise

According to new research from The NPD Group, lavender-based beauty products in the UK have seen an astounding increase in sales – 552% between January and April this year.

Neom Organics - Essential Oils for your Skin - Your 101

Rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and hydrating. Whatever skin condition you’re dealing with, there’s an essential oil ready and waiting.

Evening Standard - What I Learnt During my Second Trimester of Pregnancy

From Baby on Board badges and tips for faking a pregnancy glow, to aches, pains and inappropriate bump touching, our Mum and the City columnist on what to expect in the second trimester.

Dazed Beauty - Why The Bacteria In Your Dirty Make-up Brushes Is Making You Ill

There’s a time and a place for dirt. At a festival, when gardening, when doing DIY, when losing yourself in a sweat-drenched techno haunt in Berlin at 6 am.

Healthy Magazine - Beauty: Look Your Party Best Naturally

As the festive season approaches, Gemma Clare, Holistic Skin Expert, explains how to look your party best this Christmas, and stay glowing to the New Year.

Evening Standard - Health & Fitness: 8 Health Benefits of Saunas

As Londoners welcome a Finnish Rooftop Sauna, the Evening Standard asks Holistic Health & Skin Expert, Gemma Clare “why are saunas so good for our health and wellbeing?”

Patient - Insomina (poor sleep): How To Improve Your Sleep Behaviour

Are you getting enough sleep? Holistic Health Specialist, Gemma Clare speaks to Patient about how to improve sleep behavior and curb insomnia.

Madeleine Shaw - Best Pregnancy Facials in London

Madeleine Shaw reveals her favourite places for a pregnancy facial in London and puts Cosmecutis™ Pregnancy Glow Facial at the top of her list!

UK Health Radio - Interview with Sam Bearfoot AKA The Digestion Detective

Holistic Health & Skin Care Expert Gemma Clare joins Sam Barefoot The Digestion Detective on UK Health Radio to share how her holistic approach achieves wellbeing

Cocoa Chelsea - Beauty: Cosmecutis™ Advanced Skin Treatment review. Wk 3

Jessica Chelsea talks about how vacuum & LED in Cosmecutis™ Prescription Skin Treatment treated her dark under eye circles and milia

Cocoa Chelsea - Beauty: Cosmecutis™ Advanced Skin Treatment review. Wk 2

Jessica Chelsea shares about her diamond and LED Cosmecutis™ Prescription Skin Treatment for skin smoothing and pigmentation at Cocoa Chelsea

Cocoa Chelsea - Beauty: Cosmecutis™ Advanced Skin Treatment review. Wk 1

British Beauty Blogger Jessica Chelsea reviews Cosmecutis™ Prescription Skin Treatment for dull/dry skin, congestion, milia, pigmentation & uneven surface

Womans Weekly Magazine - Health Choices: My Healthy Life

Holistic Health Specialist and Skin Care Expert Gemma Clare talks to Woman’s Weekly Magazine about her healthy life

Pause Magazine - Grooming Tips: The Mens Facial

Pause Magazine heads to Harley Street to trial the pinnacle of men’s grooming – Gemma Clare’s Cosmecutis™ Prescription Skin Treatment for pigmentation

Health & Fitness Magazine - Spa news: "It Worked For Me"

Health & Fitness Magazine reviews Cosmecutis™ Prescription Skin Treatment for skin brightening “my skin looked brighter instantly and still hydrated and soft a week later”

Your Healthy Living Magazine - Your Essential Guide To Aromatherapy

Want to know the health and beauty benefits of essential oils? Clinical Aromatherapist Gemma Clare shares all in February’s Your Healthy Living Magazine essential guide to aromatherapy.

Inner Me - Woman Of The Week: Gemma Clare

Inner Me Woman of The Week, Holistic Health Specialist and Skincare Expert Gemma Clare, chats about her multidisciplinary approach to wellbeing, and why this enables her clients to achieve optimum, lasting results.

Yahoo Celebrity - Holistic Detox Guide for Wellbeing

Gemma Clare shares her holistic detox tips with Yahoo Celebrity from detox massage and tea to supplements and saunas so you can be happy and vibrant in 2016.

The Nutritionista Lifestyle Edit - Winter SOS (Save Our Skin) Solutions

Holistic Skincare Expert Gemma Clare talks sleep, skin care rituals, digestion and exercise in her Winter SOS (Save Our Skin) guide for The Nutritionista Lifestyle Edit. - Beauty: Post-Christmas Detox Guide

Holistic Health Specialist and Skin Care Expert Gemma Clare shares her top cleansing and rejuvenating tips with to ease you into a detoxed 2016.

Sloan Magazine - Five Fab Beauty Buys For Christmas

Gemma Clare’s Aromatherapy Apothecary Healing Mineral Bath Soak is chosen by Sloane Sheridan-William’s for the Sloan Magazine top five beauty buys this Christmas.

Daily Mail - Why Rub A Remedy For Upset Tummies On Your Face?

Can Milk of Magnesia be used as a facial primer? Skin Expert and Facialist Gemma Clare talks to the Daily Mail Newspaper on the popular beauty trend Daily Mail Newspaper.

InStyle Magazine - The Acne Diaries: Volume 3 - Get An Expert Opinion

Want to know how to cure your complexion? Holistic Health Specialist and Skin Expert Gemma Clare’s discusses acne solutions in the September issue of InStyle Magazine.

Camexpo Q&A: Holistic Health Specialist and Skincare Expert Gemma Clare

Holistic health specialist and skincare expert Gemma Clare talks with camexpo about visiting the show for 11 years and what she’s looking forward to seeing in year 12.

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine - Non-Invasive Skincare Solutions

Gemma Clare shares her successful holistic and prescriptive approach to achieving clients skin health with non-surgical advanced skin treatments with Luxury Lifestyle Magazine.

Welltodo London - Radiant Skin 101: Holistic Skin Care Guide

Radiant Skin 101: Welltodo London Editor-in-Chief Lauren Armes calls on holistic skin care expert Gemma Clare to reveal why natural beauty starts on the inside & what we can be doing to get glowing.

Revital Magazine Q&A: Glowgetter Gemma Clare

In the February 2015 issue of Revital, Georgie Wolfinden interviews glowgetter Gemma Clare on her holistic health approach, inspiration and health secrets.

Sloan Magazine - Aromatherapy Apothecary Healing Mineral Bath Soak Review

Sloan Sheridan-Williams samples the ultimate bathing experience, complete with Himalayan crystal salts, coconut oil and a bespoke essential oil blend for the December 2014 edition of Sloan Magazine.

Revital - A Review of A Winter Warmer Massage

A journalists review of this deeply warming body treatment with hot stones, perfect for cold and aching muscles during the winter months.

Kensington & Chelsea Magazine - How to Improve Posture

Do you want to improve your posture? Annabel Harrison from Kensington & Chelseamagazine visits posture expert Gemma Clare to see what we could be doing to improve our posture.

Your Healthy Living Magazine- How to Winterproof Your Skin

Winterproof your skin! Check out my expert skin care tips in the October 2014 issue of Your Healthy Living magazine to keep your complexion looking radiant and skin feeling soft and smooth.

Your Healthy Living Magazine - 9 ways to feel great in summer!

9 ways to feel great this summer! Check out my expert tips in the August 2014 issue of Your Healthy Living magazine to get you glowing with vitality in no time.

Holistic Therapist Magazine - Bespoke Aromatherapy Apothecary

In the summer 2014 issue of Holistic Therapistmagazine I was interviewed on my journey to creating a bespoke Aromatherapy Apothecary product range for a happy and healthy body and mind.

Natural Health Magazine - Beauty or Beast? Skincare Ingredients

How well do you know the ingredients making up your beauty products? In the July 2014 issue of Natural Health magazine I was called on as a skin care expert to sort out the good from the bad.

Dear Doctor Magazine - 5 Tips to Achieve a Healthy Body & Mind

Want to feel good? Dr Chris Steele, MBE, and resident doctor on ITV’s This Morning called on me to reveal my tip 5 tips to achieve a healthy body and mind.

Holistic Therapist Magazine - Best Healing Mineral Bath Soak

Looking for an ethical and special Father’s Day gift? Holistic Therapist magazine picks top eco-friendly and healthy ideas. Check out my bespoke Healing Mineral Bath Soak, the ultimate gift to de-stress dad.

Your Healthy Living Magazine - The Lowdown on Aromatherapy

In the April 2014 edition of Your Healthy Living magazine aromatherapy was chosen as therapy of the month so Liz Parry called on me to give her the lowdown on this therapeutic treatment.

The Guardian Newspaper - How to Combat Stress Naturally

Stressed? Stress is on the increase in the UK. As a holistic health specialist, The Guardian newspaper asked me to share my top homecare tip with readers on how to combat stress naturally.

Gentleman's Butler - Holistic Therapy for Executive Stress, Part 3

Holistic Therapy for executive stress, part 3. Massage to release muscular tension, restorative yoga to calm the mind and sitting aids to improve posture.

Gentleman's Butler - Holistic Therapy for Executive Stress, Part 2

Holistic Therapy for executive stress, part 2. How to achieve work/life balance, increase flexibility and boost energy levels.

Gentleman's Butler - Holistic Therapy for Executive Stress, Part 1

Do you suffer from executive stress? See how my 6-week ‘Wellbeing Treatment Programme’ helped Michael Grenville from Gentleman’s Butler magazine.

Beauty Magazine - Gemma Advises on Facial Oils

Want a healthy, balanced and glowing complexion? In the January 2014 issue of Beauty magazine, Laura Pollard calls in skin care experts and scientists to explain and advise on facial oils.

Your Healthy Living Magazine - 10 Steps to Better Skin

How would you like better skin?  In the October 2013 issue of Your Healthy Living magazine top skin-care experts reveal the secret to glowing radiant skin. Check out my top tips in the article ‘10 Steps To Better Skin’ article.

Your Healthy Living Magazine - The Benefits of Massage Therapy

In the July 2013 edition of Your Healthy Living magazine massage was chosen as the therapy of the month and I was asked to discuss the mental, physical and emotional benefits that you can receive from massage and just why this treatment is so special!

Healthy Magazine - Holistic Therapy to Treat Migraines

Migraine pain? Migraines are a common health problem in the UK. This month Holland and Barrett’s Healthy magazine invited me to give alternative answers to a readers question on migraine pain and tension type headaches.

Your Healthy Living Magazine - Halt the Ageing Clock Naturally

If you want to know how to hold back the ageing clock naturally check out the July 2013 edition of Your Healthy Living magazine where I reveal my top tips for holding back the ageing clock naturally, keeping you looking and feeling your best.

Your Healthy Living Magazine - The Natural Haircare Guide

In the June 2013 edition of Your Healthy Living magazine I share my top nutritional and aromatherapy scalp massage tips for The Natural Haircare Guide. Available from all premium health shops, let me know how you get on!

Psychologies Magazine - 22 Ways to Feel Energised

If you missed grabbing a copy of April’s Psychologies magazine there was a great article on energising habits – perfect for Spring. I was kindly asked to contribute, and as a holistic practitioner, my advice of course was about reconnecting to ourselves on a mind, body and spirit level.

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