Skin is our largest organ. It serves as a protective barrier between the wider world and us. It takes a lot of stress through exposure to sun, harsh weather, and chemicals in our everyday environments. With all the burden our skin takes, most people neglect to give skin the proper care it needs to do its job. A monthly facial should be an essential to everyone’s skin care regime.

What is a facial?

A facial is a treatment designed to improve the appearance, condition and function of our skin and underlying structures as well as providing overall relaxation and balance. There are several phases of a facial, which typically include:

1. Consultation: covering current home skin-care routine, areas of concern and desired outcome as well as to determine any specific skincare needs so that an effective facial treatment can be formulated.

2. Double cleanse: complete removal of make-up, dirt and toxins from the skins surface to ensure the skin is absolutely prepared for further stages of the facial.

3. Tone: ensures all residual traces of grease and cleanser are removed from the skins surface.

4. Skin diagnosis: precise analyse of the skin to correctly determine skin type, any conditions present and appropriate products for further stages of the facial and home skin-care routine.

5. Exfoliation or fruit enzyme peel: decongests the skin by loosening and removing cellular debris to boost cellular regeneration.

6. Steam/skin warming: opens the pores and stimulates the circulation to nourish the skin and excrete cellular toxins in preparation for the next phase of the facial.

7. Extraction: removes skin blockages e.g. comedones (blackheads) and any other impurities on the face.

8. Massage: integrates specific Eastern and Western massage techniques and acupressure movements to improve the condition of skin and muscles in the upper body, allowing them to function optimally.

9. Mask: intensive treatment using bioactive and often cosmecuetical ingredients, a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, to achieve specific results e.g. clay masks to draw out cellular toxins or peel-off masks for anti-ageing.

10. Moisturise: provides an occlusive barrier to the skin which supports its natural moisture mechanism and protects from environmental stress such as pollution and UV rays thus delaying the ageing process and formation of fine lines.

11. Eye, neck and lip care: advanced and cosmeceutical products including gels, creams, serums and balms give specific attention to these delicate areas.

Benefits of a facial

A facial using high quality “clean” bioactive and cosmeceutical skin care products will ensure our skin and underlying structures are given optimal support. A facial can:
– Reduce imperfections of the skin e.g. hyperpigmentation
– Rebalance all skin types
– Even skin tone
– Improve the appearance and texture of skin
– Stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen in the upper body and face to nourish cells
– Stimulate lymphatic drainage in the upper body and face to remove cellular toxins
– Release muscular tension in face (especially the jaw and neck) scalp and upper body
– Rebalance meridians and energy centres
– Identify individual skin types and correct products for home skin-care routine
– Give a feeling of improved wellbeing and self confidence

Why we all need a monthly facial

Although we see instant benefits from a single facial such as healthier, more balanced skin, like most things, such as practicing yoga, the benefits of committing to a regular facial for our skin health are cumulative.

Our skin turns over new cells on average every 28 days pushing the dead skin cells to the surface. A monthly facial will improve cellular health at every level resulting in healthier cells being replicated. As we age, the cell turnover rate slows down so receiving a monthly facial incorporating specific bioactive and cosmeceutical products will stimulate cellular regeneration and renewal to increase cellular resistance, which prevents ageing whilst visibly toning the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

So, if you want to maintain long lasting and healthy skin why not come for a facial?

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