Looking to engage and inspire employees to take better care of themselves?

Do you want to reduce the cost of absenteeism?

Do you want to reduce medical insurance claims?

Do you want to improve employees concentration, focus and productivity?

Running a conference or exhibition where you want positive brand association?
Keep visitors engaged with activities over long periods and maximise time to speak with potential customers.

Corporate wellbeing events are for companies that are passionate about health, wellbeing and longevity. They want to educate & inspire employees to live healthy lives , to achieve an optimal state of physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing and to maintain this well into the future.
Investing in corporate wellbeing can raise your company profile and brand to attract the highest quality business partners and employees.

Gemma provides bespoke, upbeat Wellbeing Events created to meet your company’s specific needs. Activities often include On-Site Seated Acupressure Chair Massage, On-Site Treatments and/or Wellbeing Workshops. All events are designed to encourage group engagement, educate individuals about various areas of health and wellbeing and inspire them to take an active role in their own health and wellbeing.

Much scientific evidence shows the following benefits of integrated corporate wellbeing for employees and companies:

• Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism
• Reduced recruitment costs
• Reduced employee health risks
• Reduced and prevented neck, back & shoulder tension
• Reduced private medical insurance claims (e.g. cardiovascular disease)
• Reduced employee assistance program costs (e.g. substance misuse, depression)
• Improved productivity & creativity
• Improved workplace health and wellbeing
• Improved healthy and safe individual behaviors at work
• Improved quality of life at work and home
• Increased staff retention
• Raised health awareness
• Promotion of work-life balance

For further information or to book an event please contact Gemma on:
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