Cosmecutis™ Clear Skin Facial

This detoxifying and purifying facial is purposely formulated to treat acne, blemished and breakout prone skin naturally. Beginning with a deep pore cleansing treatment, microcurrent technology is used to stimulate the skin and relax the tissues from within, while drawing out toxins and rebalancing moisture levels. Healing and regenerating high frequency is then combined with a face mask to produce an enriched form of oxygen that eradicates bacteria in the skin, dries and heals pustules, refines enlarged pores, and rebalances oil levels. Cooling metal rollers, infused with microcurrent and specialised products, glide over the skin to calm and soothe, whilst delivering cellular nutrition to intensely hydrate and repair. Light emitting diode (LED) therapy destroys remaining bacteria both in the skin and on its surface, reducing inflammation, irritation and redness, and regulating sebum production to prevent future breakouts. You will leave this treatment with a super clean, clear, and softer complexion.

Single treatment: 85 minutes
Complete clear skin programme: 8 facials. 1x weekly for 8 weeks