Cosmecutis™ Galvanic


A safe, non-invasive, deep cleansing facial, which instantly rejuvenates the skin leaving it super clean, soft, bright and tight.

Galvanic desincrustation uses a direct current to alkalise the skin and stimulate the blood lymph circulation, which: nourishes and softens the skin’s tissues, relaxes the pores, emulsifies and removes excess sebum, impurities and toxins, prepares the skin for extraction (if necessary) and improves cell renewal and function.

Galvanic desincrustation is ideal to treat and prevent skin problems including: acne, blemishes, congestion, enlarged pores and dull, sluggish skin as well as ageing concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, flaccid skin, hyperpigmentation, age spots and sun damage.

Whether your skin needs decongesting or toning, galvanic desincrustation is a must to maintain a clean, balanced, healthy and youthful complexion.


A safe, non-invasive, rebalancing and rejuvenating facial that instantly hydrates and energises the skin resulting in a bright, tight, youthful complexion.

Galvanic Iontophoresis combines cooling, metal, twin ball electrodes over the skin and a process called ionisation to deliver specialised products to a cellular level where individual skin needs can be targeted.

Iontophoresis repairs the skin, balances the skin’s pH levels, refines the pores, oxygenates and intensely hydrates the skin to improve elasticity, cell renewal and skin vitality.

Calming and soothing the skin, iontophoresis effectively treats and prevents numerous skin problems including: redness, rosacea, sluggish circulation, sensitive, oily and acneic skins as well as ageing concerns such as dryness, hyperpigmentation (incl. age spots and sun spots), puffy eyes, dark eye circles, saggy neck, jowls, double chin, fine lines and wrinkles.

This bespoke advanced facial gives visible, lasting benefits to the skin’s complexion and texture. It is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, suitable for all skin colours and types, including sensitive skin.

For optimum results a course of three, weekly, treatments are recommended for normal skin. To treat congested, acneic or oily skin slighty more treatments will be needed.

Male clients are advised to have a very close shave prior to galvanic treatment.

Cosmecutis™ Galvanic is included in the Cosmecutis™ Prescription Skin Treatment.

For further information and to make appointments please email your enquiry and contact details, to: [email protected]