Bioskin Junior Outbreak Rescue Cream

Bioskin Junior Outbreak Rescue Cream is the go-to cream for parents with little ones whose skin needs increased protection and hydration.

Award winning formulation contains unique ingredients to soothe and support dry, itchy and irritated skin. Rich in vitamins, minerals, natural extracts and oils to detoxify the skin from allergens, increase hydration, relieve itchiness and irritation and sooth dryness, Bioskin Junior Outbreak Rescue Cream is suitable for babies and children who may be prone to eczema, dermatitis and other skin allergies.

For best results apply Junior Daily Nourishing Spray as daily maintenance in conjunction with Junior Outbreak Rescue Cream on those parts of the body that need extra support and care, like the elbows, knees and other areas prone to skin dryness. Dermatologically tested with the status ‘Excellent’.


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