Clinical No. 16 Green Superfoods

No.16 Green Superfoods is a wellbeing blend of 16 micronutrient-rich green foods to strengthen the immune system, support healthy digestion, promote skin health and maintain optimum vitality.

The proprietary formulation is sourced from green land plants, medicinal mushrooms, micro-aquatic plants and a mixed culture of lactose-free probiotics. Rich in amino acids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, enzymes, trace minerals and vitamins, No.16 Green Superfoods delivers a dose of exceptional nutrition in just one teaspoon.

The medicinal mushroom complex includes; lion’s mane, maitake and reishi with adaptogenic properties, health benefits on cognitive function and memory, it also reduces fatigue and relieves mild symptoms of depression and anxiety.

No.16 Green Superfoods is a great product for vegetarians and vegans as it contains spirulina, a 95% digestible plant based protein with a complete amino acid complex that plays an important role in the metabolic structure, and tryptophan that can increase serotonin to improve mood and defend against mental illness.


  • Anti-ageing
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Combats sugar cravings
  • Boosts immune function
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Increases energy levels and focus
  • Rich in antioxidants and probiotics
  • Improves gut microbiome and digestive health
  • Improves cognitive function and nervous system

Free from gluten, dairy and lactose. Vegan.