Source of Life® Animal Parade® GOLD Chewable Children’s Multivitamin

Source of Life® Animal Parade® GOLD Chewable Children’s Multivitamin is a best-selling multivitamin and mineral formula. A new gold standard in children’s supplementation with an award-winning, sugar-free, formula that is sweetened with xylitol. Each serving is packed with vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, prebiotics, and an extensive assortment of organic whole foods.

This delicious, unique and highly effective supplement features:

  • Vitamin D3 for optimal bone support and immune system health
  • Vitamin K2 for superior immune, blood and bone health
  • Over 20 certified organic whole foods for synergistic health-promoting activity
  • All essential vitamins and minerals
  • Complete intestinal, oral and dental probiotics
  • Lutein for eye and skin protection
  • Live enzymes and bioflavonoids for unmatched absorption and activity

Vitamins and minerals are important for everyone, but especially so for the developing bodies and minds of children.

Suitable for children of 2 years and over.
Free from artificial colours and preservatives. Free from the common allergens wheat, gluten, soya and dairy.
Nature’s Plus supplements are tested to ensure supplements are free from herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, GMOs and other impurities.


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