Cosmecutis™ High Tech Holistic Facials

Personalised and prescriptive, these unique facials are a 360 degree approach to healthy ageing and wellbeing, combining scientific state-of-the-art technology with luxury medical grade products.

AlumierMD Hypercustomised Skin Peels

Combining the best in clean science, luxury and medical, these rejuvenating skin treatments gently and effectively resurface and brighten the skin.

Signature Facials

Gemma’s renowned Signature Facials combine the power of science with a holistic beauty approach to achieve your best skin.

Holistic Therapies

Take time out to de-stress your mind and body with Gemma’s extensive range of holistic therapies, which restore and maintain your body’s natural balance. Suitable for all ages and stages of life, including pregnancy.

SkinPen® Precision Microneedling

Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, this skin rejuvenation treatment promotes the formation and remodelling of collagen and elastin, to reveal younger looking skin, and dramatically reduces the appearance of scarring and wrinkles.



Diagnostic Tests

Working in partnership with world leaders in the field of personalised and preventative medicine, Gemma is proud to offer the most comprehensive laboratory tests available so you can take control of your health, skin and wellbeing.

DNA Genetic Test London

An integrative healthcare approach that focuses on maintaining your optimal state of health, skin and wellbeing to prevent disease and keep you looking your best.

Food Intolerance Test London

Identify your food intolerances and start a fast track elimination diet to resolve symptoms and optimise your health, skin and wellbeing.

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