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Thank you for visiting my holistic beauty and wellbeing boutique, curating the best of science and nature so you can achieve optimal skin health and inner wellbeing. I am passionate about the synergistic power and performance achieved by combining natural, organic and clinically proven ingredients, optimum bioavailability and delivery systems, and clean science formulations. Over the past 20 years I have had the privilege of working with leading global beauty brands and supplement companies, and I have tested and scrutinised countless products. During this time I have received continuous requests for product recommendations and I am now delighted to share with you my personal favourite, and trusted, beauty and wellbeing products. I hope you enjoy!



All Skincare and Bodycare products are free from

Artificial Colour - Artificial Fragrance - Chemical Sunscreen - Flouride -Formaldehyde - GM Ingredients - Lanolin - Microbeads - Mineral Oil - Parabens - Paraffin - Petrolatum - Phthalates - Steroids - Triclosan - SLS/SLES

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