Beauty: Cosmecutis™ Advanced Skin Treatment review. Wk 2


As you will know, I have been having a course of Cosmecutis™ Advanced Skin Treatment with the AMAZING Gemma Clare at her gorgeous clinic on Harley Street. I am having a course of 3 facials over 3 weeks and today I will be filling you in on what happened in my second facial.

If you missed my post last week, then you can catch up about what happened in my first facial, more about what Cosmecutis is and a little background on Gemma >> here <<. After my first week, I instantly noticed a different in my skin. It wasn’t perfect yet, obviously, but it was substantially more hydrated, less bumpy and felt really plumped up. And cleaner (if that makes sense). I was so excited to go back for my next facial to see what improvements we would get from round two. When I arrived we took a few photos of my skin. (Wearing eye make up, but nothing on my skin).[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image _builder_version="3.18.2" src="" align="center" force_fullwidth="on" /][et_pb_text _builder_version="3.18.2"]

You can already see from the above & below photos that my skin in the second week is already brighter and clearer than week 1 (with the continued help all week of better diet, more water and Skinade.)

Time to be cleansed and de-makeuped.

Here are the no makeup photos so please, please excuse my face and a smudged bits of stubborn mascara under my eyes, making me look like I just woke up!

After I was cleansed – we went straight in with Cosmecutis™ vacuum. I can’t explain in words how satisfying this part of the treatment feels. It just sucks up all your face (as you can see below) into a little cup and it feels like/ I like to imagine that it is just sucking up all the imperfections in my skin. What it is actually doing is stimulating the underlying skin structures, which improves blood and lymph circulation, detoxifying the skin of metabolic waste.

Now – next up, I had my first ever Cosmecutis™ Microdermabrasion. This sounds a LOT scarier and intese than it is. 

Here is a quick summary of what Microdermabrasion is/does – (DISCLOSURE – this is my understanding of it – I am not a dermatologist!) Microdermabrasion is a safe and non-invasive, anti-ageing, regenerating facial, which instantly improves the skin’s appearance, complexion and texture. I don’t need any anti aging just yet, but it is amazing for promoting circulation and production of collagen and elastin to make the skin look smoother and brigheter and plumper (which is all I want). If you are looking for an anti aging treatment then this is amazing for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and reducing the appearance of hyperpignemtnation which is age spots etc.

It feels like someone is super gently sanding down your face – this sounds painful – so perhaps that is a bad description as it isn’t painful at all – but that is the closest description I can think of.

The BEST PART of this microdermabrasion? Gemma uses a DIAMOND tip. You are basically having diamonds rubbed all over your face to make you sparkle and fabulous. Amazing.

When you exfoliate the skin with this ultimate peel treatment, it removes the top layer of the skin so Gemma then applied a bio-cellulose ECF (epidermal growth factor) mask which stimulates the skin’s regeneration and healing process, to increase cell turnover and collagen production. Fancy.

The Bio-Cellulose EGF Revitalising Mask is ultimate luxury and is used to revitalise skin tone and texture, moisturise the upper layers of the skin and aid elasticity to maintain a more youthful looking appearance. The epidermal growth factor plays an important role in the regulation of cell growth, proliferation, and differentiation. It has the ability to fast repair and allows new cell growth on the outer layer of the skin which helps to reduces fine wrinkle lines and improves skin texture, for a plumper, softer and healthier look, so it is key to use after Microdermabrasion.

When the mask was appied, I then had Cosmecutis™ Iontophoresis which instantly hydrates and energises the skin resulting in a bright, tight, youthful complexion. Galvanic Iontophoresis delivers specialised products to a cellular level where individual skin needs can be targeted. It repairs the skin, balances the skin’s pH levels, refines the pores, oxygenates and intensely hydrates the skin to improve elasticity, cell renewal and skin vitality.

After the DIAMOND TIP (so fun) microdermabrasion and the EGF mask – I had my next lot of Cosmecutis™ Light Emitting Diode (LED) Therapy. My sister took the following photos of this treatment and all I could hear was her crying with laughter – I can now understand why. Not my best look, the eyewear is not sexy to say the least, but the LED does look pretty cool. And hey, if it is good enough for Victoria Beckham – it is good enough for me.

This week I had green light for pigmentation (freckles and skin damage etc) followed by red to stimulate regeneatrion which is used to repair – I don’t have a good photo of the red light but the photo of the blue light, below, is because I had a blue LED in week one – so here is what it looks like). 

The key benefit of the combination I have had is to make sure the skin is left balanced. For example – I had the microdermabrasion which takes off a layer of skin, so Gemma makes sure to put back in everything I need (with iontophoresis) for repair and also supports the skin healing and regeneration.

Here is my skin straight after the treatment – it is slightly pink for being worked on but other than that – so happy with it. I looked so fresh and felt like I had baby skin again. I have honestly never felt my skin be so smooth. (I wasn’t allowed to touch it to keep it as clean as possible, but the quick touch I had was AMAZING).

These photos are taken immediatily after treatment and then 2 days after treatment – with a much brighter, totally less congested complexion. Both photos I am wearing no skin make up.

And here is a picture of my skin with make up on a few days after. I used no concealer – just a bit of tinted moisturiser and it literally glided on my face. My skin has never felt so bump free and wonderful. There are still a few tiny bumps under my eyes (the stubborn milia) but so not noticeable unless you are staring at my face from about 2cm away.

Dramatically reduced Milia under the eyes

I can’t wait for my 3rd facial – and to show you to final results. I have also been drinking Skinade which is amazing – read about it here to find out a bit more. For anyone who wants to try it, I have a discount code ( C0I006) and this code will also give you 5 free travel bottles with your first order!

Please do make sure you have read part 1 if you haven’t already to find out more details.

Each session is 85 minutes – but for all other information – ask below in the comment section or get in touch with Gemma –

Hope you have enjoyed reading – please let me know if you have any questions 🙂