Beauty: Cosmecutis™ Advanced Skin Treatment review. Wk 3


So I have finished my Cosmecutis Advanced Skin Treatment facial course with the lovely Gemma Clare and I am loving life. I genuinely haven’t felt like I wanted to wear skin make-up all week. I haven’t needed concealer or any eye brightening lotions or potions etc. My skin in clear, fresher, plumped up & brighter, and I am so happy.

I had an event with Lancôme a few days before my third facial where I was having my make up done from scratch – three different make up artists complimented my skin condition. I am NEVER complimented on my skin so I was so excited. My reply was just ‘oh thanks! It’s not my normal skin – Gemma Clare gave me this skin’. Which sounds pretty creepy – maybe I should have just stuck with thank you.

So I will quickly show you a few photos that we took of my skin when I arrived at the clinic. Again – I am wearing eye make up (I had an event at 8am that morning at Sky Garden with BareMinerals so I was 100% going to be wearing at least mascara – otherwise I would have scared everyone there with my early morning no make up face) but nothing at all on my skin.

I don’t know about you but I can definitely see a difference in my skin in these photos – it looks so dewy!

The treatment for this week was very similar to week 2. I was cleansed – and had all my make up removed. Then we went on to the Cosmecutis Vacuum – my favourite thing ever. I am going to miss this every week.

— Just a quick note : I went into a lot of detail about all of the different Cosmecutis treatments that I had in my posts for week 1 and for week 2. I am not going to repeat everything because I don’t want to bore the people who have already read them – but if you haven’t already and are interested, then please do go & have a little read. There is a lot of information on the benefits behind each treatment/ you can all laugh at me trying to sound like I know what I am talking about, when I am actually just getting excited about vacuuming dirt off your face and rubbing diamonds on your skin—

After the vacuuming session, I had my second Microdermabrasion treatment – which I also love. I just can’t get over the thought of having diamonds rubbed on my face. I am sure that it has incredible benefits to use diamond over any other substance – but I think Gemma uses diamonds in the hope that some of their sparkle rubs off and goes into your skin. We can dream right?

I then had the Cosmecutis Iontophoresis and we used a Aloe Vera based gel with it this week – which will help with my pigmentation and hydration. As I said last week – it is so important to put back as much goodness into the skin, as microdermabrasion takes away a layer. It is all about balance.

Then we went for the Light Emitting Diode – also and more commonly known as LED. I had the green light for pigmentation and then the red light to help stimulate regeneration. This is the light that all the astronaughts us – thanks NASA for this tip.

I then had my favourite apple stem cell mask – the one that smells like apple flavoured sweets – delicious. This one helps with collagen production etc.

And that was it – all finished! Here is my skin straight after we finished:

It looks so much brightener and less congested – especially around my nose. Dramatically less black heads, the milia under my eye has gone down (still there a bit, but definitely not as baad – I might just have to book in for a few more facials/ facials every week for the rest of my life to keep my skin like this).
I was sceptical when I started as it is really rare that anything makes a difference to my stubborn skin – but I am truly so happy with the results.

Some Before & Afters:

Week 1 (before treatment) to Week 3 (after treamtment)

I then took home a Multi-Peptide Eye Mask which I wore the other day before I had a big day of press days. It was so nice, lying in bed, looking like a cute panda while the eye mask stimulates all the relevant proteins in the skin (such as collagen) – all happening whilst I was just chilling in my fluffy dressing gown watching Sex And The City. It left my skin/ under eyes looking super plumped up and – dare I say it – radiant.

I can’t recommend Gemma enough. Firstly she is a mega babe and just so lovely. Secondly – she really knows what she is talking about from everything to what you put on your skin to what you put in your mouth. And thirdly – my skin is so much better than when I first saw her!

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Gemma for having me for 3 weeks – if you want to book yourself in for a consultation/ chat with Gemma then her email address is or otherwise you can find everything you need to know here.

Hope you all have a lovely day – and may you all be blessed with good skin days!