Beauty: Cosmecutis™ Advanced Skin Treatment review. Wk 1


This lady above has the skin that I want/need. Yes please. If I am being mega cynical – which I normally am – then I am sure she has been photoshopped into this divine creature with skin of the gods.  HOWEVER – I still would like her skin. And her face actually.

But joking about stealing her face aside, if I could change one thing about my appearance, I would absolutely have to ask for perfect, flawless skin. I actually don’t think there is anything more beautiful than having dewy, radiant, clear complexion.

All my friends have BEAUTIFUL skin. Literally – all of them – it isn’t fair. 

I just got back from skiing with one of my best friends and she has flawless skin, she always has had. And her skin care routine is using a make up wipe in the evening and applying some moisturiser. WHAT. IS THAT IT? It is just not fair that she gets perfect skin with no hassle, whilst I am standing there for an hour with all my lotions and potions, cleansers, toners, serums, eye brighteners – and my face is not at all flawless. If I used a make up wipe everyday and nothing else – my skin would look like an oil spill. But that’s life.

Now I don’t have awful skin – but my skin is FAR from perfect.

Bit of a skin history for you:

I had really bad skin throughout
my entire teenage years. We aren’t talking serious acne – but I had such
oily, bumpy skin. It wasn’t pretty. It was never smooth and never felt clean. I was always so self conscious about it. I never made eye contact with anyone because I was convinced they were repulsed by my skin and it totally shattered my confidence. I would always have my hair down to cover as much of my face as possible and I would cake myself in make-up to try and cover up the texture of my skin – which FYI – never worked. (I also purchased every single spot potion that was sold in Boots – I probably kept Clearsil in business. Looking back I made such huge mistakes – I should have been using natural products rather than harsh chemicals to try and treat my skin).

I tried everything
and nothing worked – (my best friend and I, when we were about 13, even decided to coat my skin in the strongest exzcma cream to see if that would help reduce the bumps… FYI again – it didn’t) so I ended up going to a dermatologist and being prescribed a course of Roaccutane when I was 19. I was told that I had over productive oil glands, which was what was making my skin oily and my hair greasy. They said that they could fix this for me by treating and changing the shape of my oil glands to reduce the amount of oil produced.  I was SO EXCITED with the prospect of having reduced oil production that I signed myself up for a long, very expensive course of tablets. 

The course of Roaccutane did clear up my skin and it did make my hair and skin dramatically less
oily, and for that I am eternally grateful. However, I would never, ever
recommend it to anyone as it had serious side affects when you are taking the medicine (such as painfully dry skin, cracked lips, nose bleeds – you are basically drying out your entire body). I have also noticed the long term affects on my skin that have caused me to start looking for treatment again.

Since Roaccutane, my skin looks very lifeless and drained – almost grey in colour. Over time the oil is creeping its way back into my life, but the main issue I have is that my skin looks much older and weathered than it should. It is slowly started to get bumpy again and I hate it. I really
struggle to find a foundation that works for my skin as my skin is such a combination
of dry and oil, and nothing ever sits beautifully on my skin because of the bumps. These bumps aren’t spots – they are almost like brail under my skin… weird.


I recently met a wonderful lady called Gemma Clare who is, in my opinion, the Queen of Skin. We met at an event and got chatting about my skin and the different issues that I have with it so she invited me in for a consultation at one of her beautiful clinics in Harley Street. We discussed my skin type, what I hate about my skin and what I would love to achieve, (I should of taken the photo of the lady above with her smooth, plumped up, radiant skin -the dream) and she recommended that I try out a course of Cosmecutis™ Advanced Skin Treatment (which I will go into more detail about below). 

First – let me give you a little summary of Gemma. The first thing I noticed when I met her was her skin. OH MY GOD. It is perfection. There is not ONE blemish anywhere. In the words of Beyonce it is ‘flawless’ so I instantly trusted her with my face.

For some more scientific and pratical reasons to trust her with my skin: she is a Holistic Health Specialist and Skin Care Expert, with over a decade of experience. Plus she has numerous qualifications include a science degree in holistic therapies, diet and nutrition, lifestyle and wellness, counselling, exercise therapies and advanced levels in facial massage, skin care and facial electrotherapy. Amazing. 

Gemma’s approach is a 360degree holisitc approach to achieve healthy skin from the inside out – which is exactly what I want and am in desperate need of. That was the problem with my treatment before – it wasn’t good for me inside and out – it just was a medicine set to do a job and ended up damaging other parts of my body whilst doing that. This way I am being advised on what food to put in my body, lifestyle guidance, and how to have the best skin possible – healthily.

So here are the list of problem areas/ skin concerns that I wanted to try and treat:

Dullness / congestion
Milia under the eyes (tiny little oil bumps)
Pigmentation (I have a lot of freckles as a result of not wearing a high enough factor suncream)
Bumpy skin 
And an overall lacklustre looking skin – it never looks full of life – to me it always looks quite weathered and tired and grey. 

Week 1 of treatment

I arrived at Harley Street and we started off with a mini consultation and then took some photos of my skin. So here is my face – PLEASE excuse all the following photos and their absolutely hideous-ness.

I am wearing NO skin make up so you can see all the problem areas (but I was wearing eye make up in some of them from my previous meeting!)

Freckles = skin pigmentation = makes my skin look many years older than I am

From the above zoomed in photo of my skin you can see the pigmentation, the congestion around the nose, and you can kind of see the milia under my eyes. I think my skin just looks so lifeless if that makes sense.

So here is what we did during the 85 minute session.

First we cleansed the skin, removed all the make up, and then we got cracking on the first week of my Cosmecutis™ Prescription Skin Treatment. This is the same facial that I will be having once a week for 3 weeks – however each week is individualised and tailored to each different client depending what their end goal/skin concerns are. Gemma has made these treatments so that they can be prescribed and personalised to treat numerous different skin problems in different skin types. Genius. 

We started off with Cosmecutis™ Desincrustation – which deeply cleansed my skin and is used to rebalance sebum levels. This was followed by Cosmecutis™ Vaccum (which I LOVED – it is too much fun). It is basically a little suction cup that is used to lift and stimulate the underlying skin structures, which improves blood and lymph circulation, detoxifying the skin of metabolic waste and will help to reduce the appearance of milia – my little oil bumps. If any of this is too wordy – I apologise – just want make sure I got all the detail in there. For a summary – this is basically like hoovering your face to improve circulation.

After the Vaccum we went onto a custom mask (made up of proprietary alginate formula – powerful hydrating properties and helps strengthen the skin’s barrier) which was followed by Cosmecutis™ High Frequency. Now, this treatment has a germicidal effect to destroy and remove the bacteria in my skin, dry and heal pustular infections, tighten pores, soften the skin and balance oil levels and skin tone. Fabulous.

Looks like I am being healed by a lightsaber.

Following this, I had Cosmecutis™ Iontophoresis. For me, this was used for repairing the skin, balancing the skin’s pH levels, refining the pores, oxygenating and intensely hydrating the skin to improve elasticity, cell renewal and skin vitality. Gemma then applied the Swiss Apple Stem Cell Mask which smelt amazing – like apple sweets. The stem cells works similarly to human skin cells to regenerate skin. Also contains marine collagen and hydrolysed elastin to hydrate skin and improve elasticity.

To finish, I had Cosmecutis LED Light Therapy. Now this is cool – LED light therapy was developed by NASA to heal wounds, and red the light therapy (which is what I had first) was found to promote and speed up skin regeneration. When all the astronaughts get back from astronaughting they are treated with red light therapy to get their skin and bodies back to normal. So now, we in the beauty world are desperate to get our hands on that.

It also increases collagen and elastin production, improves skin tone, texture and clarity so it is a totally perfect treatment for me. I also had a green LED to treat pigmentation – which is one of the key things we are trying to treat. The rejuvenating benefits of LED can help to improve pigmentation issues that have come from causes such as sun damage – something I am very guilty of. If only I knew the damage I was doing to my face when I would lie in the sun for hours and hours desperate to get a tan. I now smother my sisters in suncream when we go on holiday to protect their skin.

Green light affects the melanocytes (the cells that produce the melanin, which is the pigmentation in the bottom layer of the epidermis), reducing its production. Over time, pigmentation fades for a younger looking, rejuvenated, and more even complexion). FABULOUS.

Some Before & Afters:

This was only week one but I could instantly see a difference in my skin, mainly with the moisture levels – I know that this is because I had just had lots of different masks on my skin – but especially around my eyes and cheeks, my skin seemed all plumped up and healthy. I was so so pleased.

I was given some cleansers and serums to use for the next 7 days and also the rest of the Stem Cell Apple face mask serum to use each night.

The amazing thing about Gemma is that she doesn’t just treat the surface layer of skin – she treats you from the inside out, which is incredibly important for skin. She strongly advised me to cut down on eating gluten and dairy and sugar to give my skin a breather from being all clogged up with unhealthy food.

Plus I was also given a travel pack of Skinade which is a multi-award winning, natural peach and mangosteen flavoured anti-ageing collagen drink. I honestly thought that this would taste disgusting but it is completely totally fine and I really recommend. Just pop it into a bottle of water and hey presto, drinking your way to good skin. Have a little read about it on the skinade website – but it basically delivers essential micronutrients in liquid form and helps to re-build the collagen matrix in your skin, supporting skin healing and regeneration alongside the treatment that I am having.

As I said previously – I am having 3 facials – maybe 4 depending on how my skin responds – and these will be weekly. I will be doing a blog post per facial so stay tuned for next weeks!

I am so so happy with the results so far – honestly couldn’t be more please. Please comment below with any questions you have about my skin treatment, anything that I can ask Gemma when I see her next week or about your own skin worries!