Cosmecutis™ Body Sculpt

This high-tech holistic body contouring treatment targets problem areas affected by cellulite and fluid retention such as arms, waist, abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks. The unique combination of stimulating skin brushing, toning vacuum massage, LED therapy and a powerful detox aromatherapy blend, eliminates stubborn fat deposits, excess fluid, and toxins in the deeper layers of skin tissue. This treatment stimulates collagen production whilst lengthening and toning the connective tissue, resulting in a leaner appearance and firm, sculpted and smooth skin. Internally, the metabolism, oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin and body is accelerated to increase energy levels.

For maximum benefit a course of treatments is recommended in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle plan, which will be determined at your first appointment. Your first treatment also includes a skin brush to take home to continue enjoying the benefits.

Please note that this treatment is only suitable to treat non-medical swelling.

55 / 85 minutes
Treatment Programmes available