Cosmecutis™ Wonderlift Facial

The natural solution to a facelift, this non-invasive aesthetic treatment instantly rejuvenates the skin and defends against the signs of ageing.
A stimulating deep cleanse and vacuum massage boosts circulation, oxygen and nutrient supply to the face and stimulates collagen and elastin production, whilst detoxifying and removing puffiness. Microcurrent technology reprogrammes and strengthens muscle fibres, to visibly lift, smooth, tone and redefine the facial and neck contours, as well as plump out wrinkles and erase lines to give you a glowing complexion and healthier, younger looking skin. Customised products, masks and light emitting diode (LED) therapy intensify the rejuvenating effects of this treatment.
This bespoke lifting facial is both preventative and curative, targeting areas of concern including cheeks, forehead, eyes and mouth areas, jaw and neckline.

Single treatment: 85 minutes
Complete non-surgical facelift programme: 12 facials. 2x weekly facials for 6 weeks.