Cosmecutis™ Pregnancy Glow Facial

Exclusively designed to treat the specific skin challenges during pregnancy. This one of a kind facial combines holistic and neuro wellness, safe non-invasive technology, and hands on expertise, to give you that pregnancy glow, whilst supporting you and your baby’s optimal health. Set to alpha brainwave music and relaxing hypnobirthing meditations, this facial includes Gemma’s Signature facial massage, customised masks, vacuum suction and LED technology to clear, hydrate and rejuvenate skin.
Gemma addresses the visible effects of hormonal changes such as acne, dull and dry skin, hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and melasma and concentrates on specifics such as improving jaw mobility, which can ease labour by releasing tension in the pelvis. This is a bespoke experience, incorporating nutritional, environmental and lifestyle guidance, to tailor your facial to your own unique pregnancy journey.

Suitable for woman from the 12th week of pregnancy right through to the end of lactation.

Single treatment: 85 minutes
Complete pregnancy glow programme: 6 facials. 1x monthly facial from 12 weeks of pregnancy.