Why Rub A Remedy For Upset Tummies On Your Face?


Why rub a remedy for upset tummies on your face?

It may be best known as a remedy for heartburn, stomach upsets and, er, flatulence, but many women have started buying Milk of Magnesia for an entirely different purpose.

Applied to a clean face before foundation, they swear the indigestion remed works brilliantly as a primer for oily skin. But how do you know stop your face shining with Milk of Magnesia? You paint a thin layer of the liquid on to clean skin with a make-up brush and leave it to dry. The ghostly white powder that forms is then gently buffed away and foundation applied over the top.

The mint flavoured combination of magnesium hydroxide, sodium hydrogen carbonate, glycerol, sodium saccharin and purified water is said to soak up oiliness and stop shine and make-up slippage throughout the day.

There is science behind the claims, says skincare exert and facialist Gemma Clare. ‘Many big-name primers use magnesium compounds to absorb excess oil.

‘The problem with Milk of Magnesia, however, is that it is alkaline – to help beat acidic tummy upsets. Alkaline products can irritate the skin and allow bacteria to grow.

‘In other words, you might like the matte effect, but continuous use is not a good idea.’