DNA Genetic Test London

An integrative healthcare approach that focuses on maintaining an individual’s optimal state of health and wellbeing to prevent disease, rather than treating disease.

DNA genetic testing provides information through investigations, diagnosis, and risk estimation to enable people to make the best decisions about their health, skin and wellbeing treatment so they can live optimal healthy lives and look their best.

Preventative genetic testing

Modern life has led to a change in our lifestyle. A lack of time, low physical activity, mental stress and an unbalanced diet all has a direct impact on our health. Unfavourable lifestyle choices and genetic variations cause accelerated ageing, discomfort and diseases.

A preventive genetic test can support of a range of health, skin and wellbeing conditions, and allow people to make the best choices to improve health in terms of nutrition, lifestyle and treatment.

The Wellbeing dna genetic test is a complete preventive genetic profile entirely dedicated to age management.

The wellbeing dna genetic test results offer the best way to improve health by analysing lifestyle, genetic predispositions, and the interactions between the corresponding genes and environment as well as nutrigenomics, the study of the influence of nutrition on genetic variation. Providing you with comprehensive information about your genetic background and effects that your genes may have on your global wellbeing state, the wellbeing dna genetic test defines your health condition. Although genetic background cannot be changed, it is possible to optimise the activity of your genes to improve your health, skin and wellbeing and achieve a better outcome. The wellbeing dna genetic test analyses the following areas:

Skin health

Skin is our largest, and most versatile, organ. It represents first and major barrier of protection against the outside world. An immune organ it defends us against pathogens and harmful environmental compounds. For efficient physical and functional protection, the skin needs to be intact. Different factors influence skin health and can alter it’s appearance. This dna skin test analyses areas including detoxification, epidermal integrity, inflammation and oxidative stress to prevent premature skin aging through personalised nutrition, lifestyle and skincare recommendations.

Bone health

Bone health is determined by different physiological parameters that are analysed in this bone dna test, including bone elasticity and flexibility, bone formation and loss, lactose intolerance and homecystine levels.

Dental health

Oral health relies on the maintenance of teeth and gums and is negatively affected by collagen breakdown or increased amounts of inflammatory agents, such as periodontitis, which affects the ligaments and bones and includes symptoms such as breath odour and tender gums that bleed easily. This dental dna test looks at detoxification, inflammation and tissue stability relating to your dental health.


Toxins, pollutants, medication and other xenobiotic substances e.g. insecticides, nicotine, alcohol and carcinogenic substances, may enter the body mainly through the cutaneous, pulmonary and digestive pathways. These products need to be eliminated by several metabolic processes, mainly by detoxification phase I and II before being excreted from the body.  An imbalance between the two phases, specifically an impaired stage II detoxification, is responsible for the accumulation of toxins and carcinogenic compounds that may sooner or later be at the origin of much pathology. This detoxification dna test is an age management treatment that looks at phase II detoxification, phase II enzymes, perturbed detoxification and xenobiotic metabolism to allow you to improve your detoxification capacities in order to prevent environmental diseases.

Mental fitness

Mental fitness is a state of emotional and psychological wellbeing, where an individual has resilience to meet the ordinary demands of everyday life. This brain dna test looks at your memory performance, social behaviour and mood variations relating to thoughts, aggression, appetite, sex drive and sleep/wake cycle so you can optimise your mental fitness.

Physical fitness

This fitness dna genetic test analyses your energy expenditure, heart and lung capacity, motivation, muscle capacity, strength/endurance and recovery after injury to determine your physical fitness and help you to choose the most appropriate physical activity accordingly to your capacities.

Weight management

The weight control system regroups different metabolic pathways and physiological parameters, and, if disturbed are responsible for weight gain and obesity. This weight control dna genetic test analyses these areas, including; adipogenesis, anthropometry, appetite control, energy expenditure, inflammation and lipid metabolism to help you to manage, and optimise, your weight.

Cardiovascular diseases

The cardiovascular system comprises the heart and blood vessels, which are vital to their role to carry oxygen and nutrients to tissues around the body. This cardiovascular dna genetic test analyses genes affecting parameters including blood pressure, coagulation, homocysteine metabolism, inflammation, lipid metabolism, oxidative stress and thrombosis so that you can optimise your cardiovascular health.

The Wellbeing dna genetic test results offer personalised and detailed nutrition, diet, micronutrition and lifestyle recommendations on all of the above areas covered based on your unique dna, which are then presented in a written report that is offered in several languages. As genes do not change in a lifetime, a genetic test does not need to be repeated.

The Wellbeing dna genetic test is ideal for those who want to take control of their health through long term prevention, to age better and improve longevity.

Laboratoires Réunis is a private laboratory for medical analysis and a preferred international partner for specialised testing in genetics, genomics and molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases. For more than 50 years, Laboratoires Réunis has applied their knowledge and expertise to serve your health and is committed to providing quick, precise, and high-quality medical analysis.

Gemma works with Genomics Laboratoires Réunis, one of the leaders in the field of preventive and personalised medicine to treat your individual health, skin and wellbeing needs, accordingly to your unique genetic make-up.

Pharmacogenetic testing

Every year, more people die of adverse medication effects than in transportation accidents. Every day, thousands of pharmaceutical preparations are administered to people who will not experience any relief at all, or much worse, who will suffer from toxicity and thus, eventually develop severe adverse effects.

Preventing such scenarios of serious adverse effects, lack of response, or compliance issues requires evaluation of a patient’s ability to metabolise, or respond to, a medication, and this is determined by individual genetic information. Thus genetic analysis is reliable in predicting medication efficiency accurately.

Pharmacogenetic analysis can help to identify the individual and potential risk of the patient suffering adverse medication reactions and the capacity of metabolising a given drug. This allows medical professionals to use the most suitable treatment and dosage.

Pharmacogenetics allows people to step out of the “one disease, one medication, at one dosage” approach and into bespoke and personalised medical treatment by using their genetic information to predict whether a medication at a given dosage will trigger beneficial or adverse effects, with a given genetic background.