Holistic Therapy for Executive Stress, Part 2


Drink 2 litres of water per day– I think the bottle of water has almost become a new part to some people’s attire and in fact I await to see how the fashion world will come up with some interesting solutions. So how did I do? Well less start with the failure, and I think there is generally only 1 and that’s the water. I know I must try harder, its important and I must try to tackle this one. I did go and buy the 2 litre bottle of water and then refilled this about twice, but the bottle was accidentally thrown away and I just lost the plot a little.  Personally I do think girls are much better at this than boys.

Getting the work/life balance right– to a certain degree this sounds obvious. Look through any high end newspaper, magazine or radio programme and one will hear this phrase.

However men do like rules and facts and to have a rule of using no computer/ipad (or similar device) after 9pm has really made a big difference. To start with it really is like giving up a drug, but for any of us who have smoked and given up, that’s me, it’s usually a few moments of the craving and then it eases. Within a few days I really did notice a difference with tension reduction, clarity of head and better sleep quality.

Massage – the first massage as mentioned was for stress and flexibility, the next one I had was reflexology, particularly to help with the swelling in my foot and to give my immune system a boost. I think I worked this out once and in my life I believe I have had well over 500 massages but never reflexology. This was a real eye opener for me as I could really feel the benefit quite quickly. In the past I had had acupuncture and there are many similarities but without the needles. You lie down, as with a normal massage but all the action is on the feet. I have an old skiing injury which means my ankle can get tight (which is where the accident was) but by the end of my 40 minutes this was one of the most noticeable changes I had seen, the swelling had improved and the ankle moved much more freely.

Progreens – In the post arrived my Progreens, now to be honest, as far as food goes I am a bloke, I like my food, I do not eat too badly and I try to take note of my fruit intake but I am not perfect by any means so when this smallish sealed plastic container arrived, having been told it needs to be kept in the fridge I felt a little like a Nasa science project or maybe one of those middle aged men who suddenly think they need to look like Arnie, a little sceptical and apprehensive. I opened the container and inside is a green powder which reminded me of dried seaweed, not exactly a nice juicy rump of steak. I followed the instructions, adding a scoop to a pint of water, stir well and drink. Several gulps later and my face looked like an unhappy child. I think I did this for a few days, of not looking forward to this, before I saw Gemma next. She smiled at me and said oh yes it would taste horrible, try adding fruit juice and water. The next day I did, bit by bit I not only started getting into a groove every morning. I swim 3 times a week so my days would often go. Wake up, walk over the road to the sports centre, do my half an hour swim, come back drink my super Progreens drink, then breakfast, then work.

Within 2 weeks of taking the drink I was noticing a positive effect, and as you might tell I needed converting. I found my body’s digestion was improved and I felt less bloated and generally more full of beans.

Telephone Consultations – in the first couple of weeks Gemma had a couple of phone consultations where she checked up on how things were going and to get feedback on things that were working or other areas that needed changes.

Magnesium Tablets – to help with calming my mind down at the end of the day she added Magnesium tablets, two tablets to be taken in the evening. This has been slightly more difficult to analyse but generally feel this has had a good positive effect, calming the mind ready for sleep.

Yoga – I think in general I do not want to go into too much detail about the meaning and history of yoga, so I am going to put this into layman’s terms. To start with there are many different types of yoga and I can say you need to experiment a little until you find what’s right for you, as if I had given up at the first hurdle I would not have found my little bit of yoga heaven (more to follow in my third feature).

To my way of thinking there is general yoga, sporty yoga and chill out yoga. My initial session was what I would call a general yoga session which in many ways was a good introduction. The studios are lovely and they made me feel peaceful, but weirdly it can also highlight how stressed one is, which is what partly happened to me. At this stage I was still thinking in quite a machismo way, “needs to do something”.

Though the instructor was lovely I had not found my Shangri-La. So in many ways I then went in the wrong direction, in going for sporty yoga (yoga for runners) thinking well I need to be more flexible and this will be a good workout. Well it was and the wonderful class instructor could tell this. She was so kind and supportive but I was out of my depth. It slightly reminded me of one of those American romcom movies with Steve Martin where he try to keep up with his sporty neighbour but actually lags way behind….. mmm yes I do not think I would have made a the Soviet gymn team. Then it was suggested to try a restorative class “the yoga chill out”. I will tell you more next time, but yes yes, I felt a lot of love, really felt a little emotional and yes more next time, a big life changing moment.



The journey had begun, changes were being made and the oil was being changed, just waiting for some premium petrol to put in the tank.

Watch out for my third part at the end of the week

Disclaimer – this story relates to Michael Grenville and any medication or exercise regimes have been prescribed to Michael Grenville following a consultation. Everyone should always check with the relevant professionals before acting.