Essential Oils for your Skin – Your 101

DATE: September 2019

If you thought essential oils were added to products to make them smell great and also help work on your mood, you’d be right. But did you know there are umpteen skincare benefits to be had from them too?

Rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and hydrating. Whatever skin condition you’re dealing with, there’s an essential oil ready and waiting to be incorporated into your facial routine. Not sure where to start? We grilled some essential oil experts to get the lowdown on the when, how and where to use them. Read on for your cut out and keep guide…


Why are essential oils so good for the skin?

According to Andrea, Product Developer at NEOM, they’re abundant in natural properties that can help promote healthier skin. “Essential oils can be great not only for wellbeing but for skin too,” she says. That means they can tick off everything from healing, softening and smoothing to brightening and calming. I do believe essential oils to be a very beneficial addition to your skincare routine and to your health & wellbeing in general.

Kim, Expert Aromatherapist and Cosmetologist with over 40 years experience says; “I believe essential oils to be a very beneficial addition to your skincare routine. They are pure natural extracts from plants, trees and flowers, and they have been used in various different guises since the days. They have such great properties for the skin – from helping to balance out moisture, to helping reduce redness and more.”


What oils are best for what skin type?

Oily skin: Nicola Elliott, Founder of NEOM flags up citrus oils like orange, mandarin and lemon. We also asked Holistic Skincare Expert Gemma Clare who suggests geranium as it helps re-balance oil levels.

Dry skin: Flowers are your friends here. Nourishing rose calms, while neroli helps skin retain moisture.

Sensitive skin: “Chamomile is universally soothing,” says Gemma.

Problem/ Blemished skin types: Kim, Expert Aromatherapist and Cosmetologist says; “Congestion can be helped using a good cleansing routine with deep cleansing oils such as cedarwood atlas, and geranium which helps to balance Sebum production, and grapefruit and juniper to help with detoxification. Other oils that are very helpful for this skin condition are lavender, peppermint/spearmint, lemon and mandarin.”


Lets talk three of our favourite essential oils

Lavender is great for calming. It is also soothing and balancing. Lavender oil isn’t just soothing for your mind, it offers great benefits for your skin too.

Rose has anti-inflammatory and super soothing properties.

Patchouli is a fragrance oil which has skin healing properties. It can help soothe inflammation and irritation on the skin too.


Key ways to use essential oils?

With essential oils it’s all about blending the right ones for the skin. Kim says “the key thing is using pure essential oils, blended at the right percentage with the right carrier oils for the skin.” NEOM Founder, Nicola Elliott is in agreement. “Don’t think that if your have sensitive skin essential oils are a no go for you – of course if you put neat ginger oil on your skin it will get irritated but it’s about finding what works for you so if you do have sensitive skin, oils like rose and neroli can actually be extremely calming.”


Any good tips on how to apply essential oils?

“Always dilute neat essential oils before applying them to the skin – the only essential oils that can be applied directly are chamomile, lavender and tea tree,” explains Gemma. Apart from that it’s up to you if you massage them in, in circular motions or pat them in so they fully absorb into the skin.


At what step in your skincare routine should essential oils be applied?

“In my view, every step,” says Nicola. “They can be used in many different ways and skin can benefit at every stage – cleansing, moisturising, treating – you can even inhale them by cupping your hands around your nose and taking deep breaths to get an emotional boost too.”


Are they suitable for everyone?

Absolutely – men and women, all ages. As long as the blend is a safe level your skin will be safe too – which is why ready-made formulas like NEOM are such an easy way to begin your journey into essential oils. “My daughter who is now nine has used our products for years and even trialled the samples of our Perfect Night’s Sleep Cleansing Balm,” admits Nicola. “My nieces who are a lot younger love it too!”

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