Q&A: Glowgetter Gemma Clare


The glowgetter Gemma Clare

What led you to become a holistic therapist?

I have always had a caring nature and aspired for people to live happy and healthy lives. I realised that a career in wellbeing could help me to achieve this, so I retrained as a holistic therapist and skin care therapist.


What’s the best bit about your job?

Helping individuals find natural solutions to achieve psychological and physical wellbeing. From acne and eczema to menopause and high blood pressure. I find my job immensely rewarding as each day I get the opportunity to improve people’s lives.


Do you have a specialist interest? Please explain what it is and why you love that area.

I find that having just one specialist can be quite limiting for the practitioner and the client. I tend to look at someones as a whole to get a real understanding of what underlying issues can be. I look at the cause and take into consideration a range of elements when diagnosing someone.

Stress is something I see a lot and this can result in a range of health concerns depending on that person’s genetic makeup.

This can include their current physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual states of health once I can see this we work together to see how we can restore the bodies natural balance. Stress is something I see a lot and this can result in a range of health concerns depending on that person’s genetic makeup. stress can cause muscular tension and affect hormonal balance, digestive disorders and poor skin care routine can result in poor skin etc .


Who and what inspires you?

Anyone can inspire me, depending on their morals, values and beliefs. A few public figures in the world I find inspiring include; Thich Nhat Hạnh, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Peter Levine, the late B. K. S. Iyengar and Maya Angelou. Individual values, beliefs and contributions to a greater good inspire me. For example all of these individuals practice courage, service, self-development and a worldcentric approach to living, which has benefitted not only the individuals who have engaged in their work but also creates a ripple effect for others.


What is your health secret?

I keep it simple with a good self care routine incorporating sleep, nutrition, meditation, exercise and work/life balance. My skin care routine is a little more complex including exfoliation, masks, double cleanses and serums etc.


What supplement do you take in the winter and why?

I take Symprove all year round to maintain digestive health and during winter months I like Viridian calcium, magnesium and zinc powder, which also contains vitamin c.

Gemma Clare is a leading London Holistic Health Specialist and Skin Care Expert with clinics in Chelsea and Harley Street. www.gemmaclare.com