A Review of A Winter Warmer Massage


Seeking  –  A warming body treatment with hot stones

The find

A deeply relaxing and detoxifying treatment, which involves the use of heated basalt lava stones and cooled marble stones, applied to the body in specific ways, in combination with massage using warming oil. The treatment can be used either for isolated areas of injury or as a full relaxing body treatment. It can bring about relief to stiff and sore muscles and is an effective way of bringing balance back into your life with a general feeling of inner peace and well-being.

The venue

Based in London, triyoga offers 160 yoga and Pilates classes a week at centres in Soho, Covent Garden, Chelsea and Camden. triyoga also offers a wide range complimentary health treatments with some of London’s leading therapists making it their base.

The person

The therapist Gemma Clare’s a leading London holistic health specialist and skin care expert with numerous qualifications including a Science Degree in Holistic Therapies. She has a decade of experience working in a range of settings including The Food Doctor Clinic, The Dorchester Spa, Grayshott Spa, Como Shambhala Urban Escape Day Spa, Kensington Physio and Sports Medicine, Lloyds and Practical Law.

The method

After a brief consultation, the therapist explains what the treatment will involve. Using either a warming blend or immunity blend oil (depending on your particular needs) mine was warm and spicy blend of oils.

Gemma begins by focusing on the back area using the hot stones to add warmth before deeply massaging both back and neck, concentrating on areas of tightness to release stress. My neck and shoulders had a ‘gripping’ feeling from hours of typing so she focused on a special massage sequence which targets this.

Once my body felt a little more relaxed and open she continues brisk massage movements before applying warming stones on each area of the body and then follows up with a deeper relaxed massage.

The heat of the stones is retained throughout the treatment as the therapist places them on specific points on the body following each massage sequence.


The beautiful triyoga space is a no phone no shoes zone. The chelsea yummy mummy’s are in full force enjoying their yoga and healthy snacks. Treatment rooms are sparce but light and airy. Receptionists are helpful and informed on yoga and holistic practices so you are able to find a treatment to suit your needs. Shoulders feel lighter and more open and sleep came more easily post session.


This is a wonderful winter treatment and particularly effective for cold and aching muscles. Gemma is a particularly knowledgable therapist and the treatment was very relaxing and enjoyable. Its gets the thumbs up a great seasonal treat.
For more information visit www.triyoga.co.uk