Aromatherapy Apothecary Products

The power of plants in high quality, bespoke, handmade blends

Aromatherapy is the use of concentrated aromatic plant extracts known as essential oils and is the oldest form of medicine known to man. It has been used for thousands of years and is scientifically proven to promote physical, mental and emotional healing.

The Physiology of Aromatherapy
Plants used in aromatherapy are made up of numerous chemical constituents and a naturally occurring essence, which produce different therapeutic effects due to their properties and ‘life force’.

Essential oils are absorbed into the body either by inhalation or through the skin where they are carried to all the tissues and organs of the body and support holistic healing. Some essential oils have an affinity with particular organs or body systems and are useful for treating specific conditions.

Our sense of smell, the most primitive of all the senses, is linked to the Limbic System of the brain, which is associated with our survival instincts. When essential oils are inhaled they affect our emotions thus causing mood changes by altering the brain chemistry.

In many cases essential oils provide benefits on a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual level.

Aromatherapy Apothecary
Creating a bespoke aromatherapy apothecary blend is a scientific and intuitive process. Gemma expertly selects specific therapeutic grade essential oils and hand-blends them to create a ‘synergy’, which can support individuals in achieving optimum health holistically.

Gemma’s aromatherapy apothecary bespoke blends are frequently used to alleviate physical, psychological and emotional symptoms in areas such as; muscular aches and pains, women’s health, digestive problems, rheumatic conditions, respiratory problems, skin care and stress-related conditions.

All Aromatherapy Apothecary bespoke blends contain only the highest-quality natural ingredients and ethically sourced therapeutic grade essential oils. They are free from parabens and artificial colour and fragrance. They have not been tested on animals and all bottles and jars are made from PET plastic.

Prices from £25.00