Our immune system is our body’s defence system; protecting us against infection and disease. It is closely linked to the lymphatic system and they share several organs and physiological functions.

Our lymphatic system can become ‘clogged’ and weakened from several factors such as; depression, stress, lifestyle choices (including alcohol, sugar, smoking), urban living and frequent travel, to name few.

A comprised immune system can increase susceptibility to allergies, infectious diseases, and, cause serious health problems such as heart disease, cancer.

Symptoms of a poorly functioning lymphatic system can include allergies, fatigue, tired and heavy legs, recurrent or chronic infection / illness, UTI’s, digestive / stomach problems, diarrhoea and many more.

The good news is that it’s never too early to be proactive and avoid a sluggish lymphatic system, or boost your immunity! This is exactly why I created the Immunity Boost Massage to support my clients with weakened immune system.

Immunity Massage

The Immunity Massage is an exclusive treatment that rejuvenates the immune system whether you’re recovering from illness (incl. cancer), have a demanding job, or simply want to maintain a healthy immune system.

Beginning with a stimulating body brushing, followed by a full-body massage using a strengthening aromatherapy blend combined with lymphatic drainage, Swedish massage and shiatsu techniques.

Your body will be cleansed of accumulated toxins, blood will be purified and circulation improved to decongest and fortify organs. This supports the body’s natural defences to provide superior protection against viruses and the stress of urban living.